Container - The celtic kiss EP [2014]

by Backbite Records

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released October 6, 2014



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Track Name: Container - Wisdom [The celtic kiss EP]
Cause in this life
Is all we got
No chance
But not to give it up
You can fuck it up and put your head in the sand
Just be sure
When you are leaving
You will leave with a piece of shit in one hand
And with nothing in the other
Be sure my little friend
I'm telling you that this is not the end
That this is not the end
I sweat in life
I sweat in death
I do everything to not die before my best
I was just doing with no mind on my side
Driving blind, every failure meant demise
Yeah I know not everything I did was right
But life goes on and I'm up for a long, long ride
You see bro
I've been where you are going long time ago
And trust me just a few know which way to go
It takes time to see
It takes to grow
Cause you will not be led
By footprints in the snow
Oh lord, how I love this life
How you should love this life
How we all should love this life
Take every breath in regard of your own inspiration
And you may see
Maybe just for a second
But you may see
What this is all worth
It could be worse
It could be better
In the you think
That life is soft
As a fucking feather
Well it isn't
An just the hardest survive
If you don't fit
Just the hardest survive
Stand your ground
Track Name: Container - The celtic kiss [The celtic kiss EP]
Yeah you may break my nose
And you may try to cut me ear to ear
You may crush a bottle across my head
But it takes some more to see the stunner dead
You wanne test me
Then come and try
Why should I fear another man
If he bleads like I blead
Eye for an eye
One thing that you should keep in mind
I've got a lot more to loose than you
You prooved the wrong
To late for you to run
Cause anhilation has just begun
I climbed the steps
I figured out my way
Been to hell and back
Now I'm here to stay
I'm on my own path
I walk it straight 
Fuck you, if you claim to be the one
Being able to end my days
Fuck you
If you see me on the streets
You better change the side
Better hold your tongue
You better walk along
If you got nothing better to do
Get a life and let me through
Fuck you
Better do as you are told
Before I loose my hold
And let the past unfold
I don't want to let the past un-fucking-fold
Don't you know that violence is not the right way?
Yeah I know, but I just can't resist
Aren't you afraid to get hurt or sny other risk?
Everything heals and it let me know that I exist
Honestly I've never had that experience, I don't know what's worth fighting for?
One answer:
You wanna know what motherfucking pain is
Get to know my fucking fist
You wanna know what motherfucking pain is
Get to know the celtic kiss
Track Name: Container - Vulture No.1 [The celtic kiss EP]
Spent my time, been working since I'm 15
No one ever understood all the chances I have seen
Got to resist all the pressure thrown at me
Be a selfmade man
And bite the fucking hand that feeds
You know why
Cause I've been struggeling every minute
Just to be alive
Anytime the system gets me by
I stand my ground until I say goodnight
Bitches like the government
Are trying to take our fire
I say fuck them all
And burn down all the liars 
The pieces that I gave
Will never be held in shame
Make sure that we are MVP
If this is the game
Say your prayers and stop playing
We'll brake it down once more
Still listening
Give it up
Still there 
Just get the fuck out of here
As if this was the system's apocalypse
But maybe it is
We don't know
We see at the end
I'll keep on crushing
I'll keep on tearing it down
I want to see you bleed
Being human and dethroned
Track Name: Container - 80% sweet, 20% bitter[The celtic kiss EP]
I'm sorry woman for all the times I made you cry
And I cannot promise you my love that this will be the last time
Just be mine
And everything is fine
I won't obey the demons in my mind
I won't obey the demons in my mind
Hell no
I will not listen to the voices in my head
To not achieve our sweet love's dead
What has been done cannot be changed
I do not live with regret
Before I hurt you
I'd kill myself instead
I've just been living for myself
There is no right or wring without anyone else
But then you found me and you truly saved my life
Until I forget about my knifes
I have no trust in anyone
But if you dare
This time is now to be done
I hope so
If you could understand
Why I am the way that I am
You wouldn't think it was you
And I hope you have a little pacience left
I love you to the max
I hope insanity on both sides
Is not the next step
I paid my debts a bit to early
And this is the price
I paid for something that I never wanted
Track Name: Container - Bone crusher [The celtic kiss EP]
Fictional reality is breeding in your head
The ones you once sacrificed
Are bleeding instead
Being the pusher, straight to demolisher
Does not mean you are dead
So lay your head
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open slade
You are too late
Bring the hate
There is no fate for anyone
I kept on moving through the deathrow
Don't try to fool me
I say hell no
You gave me cigarettes
Said I could fall asleep
The last words you weeped
You had three children
But I'm proud of who I am
And what I got and what I did